Growing up in the streets of Compton, there were very few options outside of the normal street life and gangbang culture that has influenced so many inner city youth. Having experienced the Hip hop culture at an early age vicariously through his uncle who was a DJ in the early 90’s grew a young man with a burning passion for Rap music. Kaution (a name derived from his gritty tone on the mic) gives a different perspective of the street life while illustrating that just because you come from something doesn’t mean one can’t rise and become something greater. His tales of crime and violence are never to glorify the negative but to make listeners familiar with the experience of life on the other side of the poverty line. The best description for the type of music Kaution creates is Aggressive Soul Music. There is a major influence of the ”Boom Bap” era, with a bit of the new school tied in to keep older mature listeners satisfied and to also appease the younger audience. Having now released three projects online (Built 4 This , Kaution Mr.700 The EP ,Grow A Soul) Kaution’s primary focus is to expand his listening audience and travel to promote his music and style. He is broadening his brand AllOva which is a company run by him and his business partners. Kaution has several artistic endeavors on the way including a new project produced entirely by in house producers: Christopher “OZ” Billik of Dallas TX, and Miguel Adon. Be on the lookout for his new releases.

“A person can only achieve what they believe is their true destiny, by hard work and perseverance, taking short cuts robs you of the experiences needed to survive, I believe I’m living proof of this”  –Kaution Mr.700